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About Neil Richardson

Who am I?

Let’s see, well, um…that’s actually the most fundamental thing I ask myself during my meditation sessions.  Literally…who am I?  When I strip away all the layers of my identity and being (think of an onion) including all my relationships, beliefs, ideas, memories, all the things I can see, touch, imagine or remember- who am I?  All of the things of me, as a separate distinct identity are transitory and will fade away like the morning dew.  Who am I then?  I AM.  That’s all.


I am the founder of Emergent Action, the co-leader of Communities of the Future and a facilitator, strategic planner and advocate for public issues and have worked with a wide variety of institutions, political candidates and thought leaders. I have been fortunate enough to work on public issues across the United States, in Ghana and most recently the District of Columbia where I was born. I am also Deputy Director at DC Appleseed. I have a master’s degree from Georgetown University and a baccalaureate degree from the University of South Florida. I also believe that soccer is a performance that mimics life in all its comical and profound aspects. I am a lot of other things too.

Walt Whitman

My interest in Walt Whitman began in high school when during an afternoon of skipping school; I found myself in the library and happened to pick up Leaves of Grass.  After a few moments…I threw it as hard as I could down the aisle until it slammed into the wall.  I am still not quite sure why I threw the innocent book of poetry but what I saw was a literal glimpse of every single thing inside me or represented in the Kosmos.  I could not hold onto the book, I could not hold the power and the feeling of my experience.  Actually, I don’t know if I threw it or it jumped out of my hands.  What happened…happened.

Find out more about Neil via his blog, his poems and his journal article “Walt Whitman’s Vision for a New Person and a New Democracy”.

If you want to know more contact me at NeilRichardsonMeditation@gmail.com